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Our Team is available and ready to assist every Oak Tree team member, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned Pro we will help you through your entire escrow and loan transaction. We have the support staff for internet technology specialists, loan processors, transaction coordinators, and combined with season and experienced management that available and ready to help you.


Agent Mentorship

Our Team will help any agent with their transaction, whether it’s your first or your 1000th. New agents will be walked through their transactions to ensure that they learn how to do real estate the right way.


Loan Officer Mentorship

Our Team will help any loan officer with their loans. New loan officers will be taught how to properly package a loan for processing and educated on how the loan process works.

Seasoned Pro Assistance

Our Team is here to help. We understand that the seasoned Pro has different needs from those just beginning. Bottom-line is ask and we will do our level best to provide it!

Teams & DBA's

Are you a Team Leader? We support teams! Do you want a DBA? We support DBA's!

Industries We Serve
  • Residential Real Estate Sales

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales

  • Residential and Commercial Leasing

  • Residential Mortgages as a direct lender

  • Residential Mortgages as a mortgage broker

  • Commercial Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Private / Hard Money Loans

Recent News

Realtors receive 100% Commission 

with a small fee of $1,000.00 per transaction per side

* see details for more information

Loan Officers can receive 100% and make up to 4%!

* see details for more information

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